article by Michele DeVinney as featured in Business People Magazine

Jason and Evan Rubin, owners of Absolute Results, work one-on-one with clients to help them achieve their fitness goals.

In the never-ending battle of the bulge, the simple formula for success – eat less, exercise more – has been proven to be the most effective weapon against weight problems and the health issues associated with them. As simple as the advice may be, it clearly remains difficult to follow, and misinformation and confusion often cloud the issue. When Jason Rubin opened Absolute Results 12 years ago, he sought to cut through those barriers to wellness and provide a comfortable, but intense, way to achieve optimal health and fitness for each person he trained.

A graduate of Adrian College where he played football while earning a degree in exercise science, Rubin worked as a corporate fitness professional, helping employees achieve their fitness goals. Eventually he began training outside of that job, providing his expertise for those looking to take it up a notch. The satisfaction he found in that one-on-one interaction, and the opportunity it presented to help clients, inspired him to leave his corporate job and become his own boss, opening Absolute Results with the handful of clients he already had.

In the dozen years since, Absolute Results has grown to over 200 appointments a week while expanding to two locations. Rubin’s younger brother Evan oversees the southwest location. The brothers, along with trainer Mike Pratt, provide individualized attention that goes beyond just opening the doors for business. Unlike gyms where clients are generally on their own, Absolute Results achieves what its name suggests thanks to intense and personalized routines.

“We meet with people at all hours of the day, arriving at 4:30 in the morning and usually staying here until 9:30 at night,” says Jason Rubin. “We’ll work with people for an hour-and-a-half, two or three times a week, and we coordinate every aspect of their wellness plan. It’s an intense program, and we’ll work you further than you think you can go for the time that you’re here. But then we give you homework assignments, things you can do on your own at the YMCA or at home, along with nutritional counseling and dietary programs. We want people to have a lifestyle that they can live with all the time, so we’re not going to do anything crazy like take away all of your carbs. We want to provide you with something you can do long-term.”

The people who come to Absolute Results span all demographics and fitness needs. While some look for help in high school and college athletics, trying to gain that extra edge to earn scholarships or prepare for the pros, many are just looking to shed excess weight and improve their health, which is something Rubin is anxious to help them accomplish.

“We’ve had people come in here wanting to lose 150 or 200 pounds, and we teach them that it’s a long process,” Rubin says. “It won’t happen in six to eight weeks, but they can achieve their goals realistically, working here with us on a program that fits their needs. We want them to find a permanent fix, and everyone has different goals, different needs and different body types.”

Working with members of the Fort Wayne community and now sharing the business they built has provided great satisfaction to the Rubins, and they look forward to sharing their fitness savvy and passion for people for many years to come.

“We know that the relationships we develop are as significant as the training we provide,” he says. “We want them to feel comfortable when they’re here and not worried about dressing for the gym or trying to impress anyone. We’re second-to-none in intensity, and we’re most proud of our ability to adapt to people and their personalities to find a program that works for them.”