article by Jennifer L. Boen as featured in Business People Magazine

A winning program designed for a losing cause

When company is coming unexpectedly, most hosts scurry to pick up the clutter, do some quick scrubbing in the bathroom and vacuum the floor. When the company is a national TV production crew, coming to tape a segment of one of the most popular reality shows on the air today, it requires more than a quick once-over. For Jason Rubin, owner of Absolute Results Personal Fitness Training, it meant replacing the entire floor of his business on Coldwater Road. He wanted everything to look as good as possible before a segment of this season’s “The Biggest Loser” was shot on location at his business.

Absolute Results is where “The Biggest Loser” contestant Mike Danley of Fort Wayne works out when he’s not on the show’s California training ranch. Five days a week, three to six hours per visit, Rubin puts Danley through an intensive exercise regimen.

It was in the early summer that Rubin got a surprise call from “The Biggest Loser” producers. They were looking for a hometown trainer for “a Fort Wayne guy” who made the cut for the show’s 12th season. The producers did their homework and liked what they found in Rubin and Absolute Results. Rubin has a degree in exercise science from Michigan’s Adrian College and worked as a corporate fitness trainer before opening the first Absolute Results site in 1999. Offering individualized training by appointment was a new concept to Fort Wayne at the time.

“They were looking for a smaller gym, a studio gym. I’m not a franchise, so I think that was an advantage,” he says. “The Biggest Loser” physician and trainers also wanted to make sure Rubin would design a program to meet Danley’s specific health needs and weight-loss goals. Things had to be done right as Danley’s and the other “The Biggest Loser” contestants weight loss battles continue before millions on TV or in their homes.

“Everything here is individualized. Nothing’s on a template. We don’t carry clipboards around,” Rubin says of his no-one-size-fits-all philosophy to every-size-and-age client. Absolute Results serves a variety of clients such as Florida Marlins relief pitcher Chris Squires who does conditioning in the off-season. Business executives, college students and car-pooling moms work out to maintain or lose weight. Still others, some in their 70s and 80s, come for rehab following an injury or surgery. Rubin, 37, his brother, Evan, 30, co-owner of Absolute Results’ southwest center, and three assistants oversee nearly 300 client appointments weekly.

“It’s important to put people at ease when they first come,” Rubin says. He does a full assessment of each person at the outset, continually evaluates progression toward goals and makes adjustments to the individualized training plan as needed. Such attention to detail was required for Danley.

“I’ve had neuropathy in my feet,” because of poor circulation, Danley explains. “While we’re on the ranch, the intensity of the workouts is very high. With the neuropathy, I can’t feel the blisters on the tips of my toes.” One toe on his right foot became so damaged that when he returned to Fort Wayne, the toe had to be removed. “That put us behind by a couple of weeks,” says Danley. “I couldn’t do any lower body work except a stationary bike.”

So Rubin designed an initial routine that focused on Danley’s upper body, and Danley rode a bike until the foot healed. Starting the show at 309 pounds, the Snider High School assistant football coach and teacher has lost five to seven pounds each week.

“That’s what’s so great about Jason. He knows what my goals are, what we want to accomplish. He designs a plan around those goals. We have a very good rapport. I cannot say enough about how much Jason is helping me,” says Danley.

Rubin says those kinds of stories are why he’s driven to motivate people, telling them it’s never too late to improve their health. Not everyone will accomplish what Danley is. For some the goal may be to improve range of motion.

“I preach consistency and patience. I’m happy if someone comes in and loses two or three pounds a week. I recognize people have to work and live their normal lifestyles,” says Rubin. “At Absolute Results, the biggest asset we have is making people comfortable about being in the gym. There are nicer gyms but this is a comfortable one. You have to adapt to people and we do that well.”

While Absolute Results has earned national attention through Danley’s participation in the reality show, Rubin has also moved up a notch or two in the eyes of his daughter, Mason, 7.

“Normally she’s into ‘Dancing with the Stars,’” says Rubin. “Now she’s really into ‘The Biggest Loser.’”for more information about absolute results Personal Fitness Training, visit www.absoluteresultsf Or contact Jason Rubin at (260) 471-BFIT (2348).