Looking for a workout that will make you sweat? Plyometric training is a great form of exercise to sculpt and strengthen your muscles in a short amount of time. Whether your new to plyo work or not, the combination of moves in this circuit equals one tough, sweaty workout.

Plyometric work involves a rapid acceleration followed by a quick deceleration. This could be with or without weights. The simplest form of a plyometric exercise is a jump. There are also advanced lifting techniques that implement this fast-acting acceleration and deceleration pattern without having to leave the ground. During plyo work your muscles exert at maximum force in a short period of time. The main goal is to pick up both speed and power during each exercise.





Note: Because plyometric training can be taxing on the knees, perform this workout once every other week.

Have a question about any of the following moves? Ask a trainer at either of our two locations to find a routine that works for you.