Sometimes in life God deals us a hand,
And why we are dealt this hand, only he knows why
Everyday of our lives we take for granted the simple things
Things like our physical gifts, our five senses and even our freedom
We are lucky, lucky to be alive, lucky to breathe, lucky to be born in this great country
We need use our abilities, whatever these may be to the fullest,
   so that we can better ourselves and those around us
This is a story about how we can conquer anything we set our mind to

21 year old Trevor Appenzeller may have cerebral palsy, but he never lets it hold him back from anything.  In 2013, Trevor used his wheelchair to participate in the Fort Wayne Veteran’s Day Parade.  From that point he set a year long goal of trying to use his walker during the 2014 parade.  He has been training with us for over 3 years, but this last year we picked up the intensity and his workouts involved more lower body and cardio.  He walked the 1.2 mile trek and only had to take two breaks.  It was amazing for all of us that witnessed this, and he even said “that was a bigger accomplishment for me then graduating from high school”.  It really showed his undeniable courage, heart, and work ethic not to mention his strong support for the veterans.