• Switch Up Your Routine Every 6-8 Weeks

    Try to switch up your routine every 6-8 weeks. Always keep your body on its “toes”. You will adapt to a program and it becomes routine for you. If your body isn’t challenged, you will […]

  • Get 6-8 Hours of Sleep

    Rest is as important as exercise. Your body needs to recover after breakdown. Your muscles recover while you are at rest. Breakdown, recover!

  • 5 Food Intakes Per Day

    Make sure you are eating at least five different intakes per day. Every 2-3 hours is an excellent plan. Intakes can be as small as a piece of fruit or a protein drink. You don’t […]

  • Start Small

    If you are starting from scratch, don’t overwhelm yourself at first. Start simple. You might start as small as doing three days of cardio for a 20 min period, at a time. Everything else will […]

  • Create A Weekly Plan

    You should have a weekly plan that allows you to structure your workouts around your schedule and also establish consistency, along with your weekly goals. Goals for the week might include frequency, duration, and things […]



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