Who We Are

Absolute Results Personal Fitness Training is committed to helping you achieve your personal fitness goals and align yourself with the basic tenets of healthy living. Established in 1998 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, our sixteen years in the personal fitness industry has seen numerous satisfied clients who are now stronger, fitter, and more confident thanks to our close guidance and encouragement.

Our Promise to the Physical Fitness Industry and Our Clients

We believe that the key to success in personal fitness lies not only in the commitment to stay true to a routine, but also in the desire to innovate and be abreast with the latest techniques, practices and research in the fields of physical fitness and human kinetics. We believe that there is no ceiling to improvement and look forward to sharing with you new possibilities that will keep you motivated and challenged to do even better than before.

What We Offer

In line with helping you become a better version of yourself, we offer the following in our personal training facility:

  • Basic and top of the line exercise equipment and space
  • Personalized and individualized programs and regimens that zero in on your most important concerns and target areas
  • Close instruction and monitoring through our highly qualified staff
  • One on one consultation before, during and after your routines to ensure that you are on track and remain true to your fitness goals

Our Qualifications

Absolute Results Fitness Training is managed and overseen by individuals who have made it their mission to improve the quality of lives of others through personal fitness and training. They are models for success in this area through their professional certifications, training and experience in various fields of the physical health sciences.

Jason RubenJason Rubin, Personal Trainer

Jason has been in the field of personal fitness for over fifteen years. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis on Kinesiology. Some of his noteworthy certifications and qualifications in this field include:

  • ARC Certification Strength & Conditioning Clinic
  • Cincinnati Bengal’s Strength & Conditioning Clinic
  • University of Michigan Strength & Conditioning Clinic
  • NCAA football All-American
  • 545 pound bench press
  • Record setting 225 pounds, 53 repetitions on the bench press at NFL tryouts in Chicago

Evan RubenEvan Rubin

Evan Rubin has been learning and growing in the field of physical fitness for over ten years and counting. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Hanover College. Some of his certifications and qualifications in the field of physical fitness include:

  • ARC Certification Strength & Conditioning Clinic
  • ARPT Certification
  • NCAA football All-Conference
  • 350 lb. Bench Press and 4.6 Sec. 40 YD. Dash

Contact Details:

Evan Rubin
Office: 260-417-1035

Jason Rubin
Office: 260-471-2348